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BeLinkedApp Logo The smart, new way to date via LinkedIn®
  • Anonymously like or pass on profiles
  • Start easy conversations when you already know the industry your match works in
  • Meet quality, like-minded people from a trusted source

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BeLinked — The Newest Dating App That Has Everyone Talking

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Find out what everyone is saying about the hottest new dating app paving the way to quality dating.

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BeLinked is not based on your immediate connections.
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Matched Couple from BeLinked iPhone Dating App

BeLinked iPhone Dating App

Real People, Real Connections

BeLinked is a new dating app that helps you meet people who you really connect with.

LinkedIn® can be used for more than just professional networking.

The LinkedIn® network holds amazing opportunity to meet people based on criteria you can trust.

The BeLinked dating app improves the quality of matches based on relevant dating dimensions.

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Find Quality Dates With Trusted People

This dating app’s ability to tap into LinkedIn® yields higher quality matches and, ultimately, a healthier dating experience built on trust.

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